Kummel Group

Research Topics

The Kummel Group's current research interests include (a) oxide-semiconductor interfaces (scanning tunneling microscopy of ALD of gate oxides on semiconductors, density functional molecular dynamics modeling of oxide-semiconductor interfaces) (b) organic interfaces (molecular beam and STM studies of metal coordination complexes and fabrication of ultra low voltage chemically sensitive field effect transistors, and (c) cancer detection (development of automated imaging algorithms and synthesis of hollow nanoparticle imaging enhancement agents).

Current Members

Group Picture 1
From left to right: Joon Sung Lee, Jon Clemens, Ngoc Tran, Jian Shen, Casey Ta, Evgueni Chagarov, Jim Royer, Sarah Bishop, Wil Melitz, Andy Kummel, Diana Lopez, Ana Sanchez, Jesus Alfaro, Manny Ruidiaz and Sangyeob Lee. Not pictured: Sergio Sandoval and David Martin.