Fogler Group

Research Topics

The research carried out in Michael Fogler's group is devoted to the theory of low-dimensional and nanoscale electron systems. A variety of such systems are being examined, ranging from zero-dimensional quantum dots to one-dimensional nanowires to two-dimensional electron gases and graphene. Examples of the recent work include investigation of low-temperature hopping transport in one-dimensional nanowires [1], analysis of Coulomb correlations in ultra-thin gated two-dimensional structures [2], study of the interplay between elastic and electronic properties in nanoscale graphene flakes [3, 4]. The group is engaged in active collaboration with UCSD experimentalists. Coherence and dynamics of cold excitons in semiconductor quantum wells is studied in collaboration with Leonid Butov's group [5]. Infrared optics of monolayer and bilayer graphene is investigated jointly with Dmitry Basov's group [6].


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