Shpyrko Group

Novel coherent x-ray scattering techniques to probe dynamics in variety of condensed matter systems

Oleg Shpyrko and his experimental condensed matter physics group studies nanoscale dynamics and structure of materials, splitting their interest between "soft matter" and electronic/magnetic materials.

They are particularly interested in developing novel coherent x-ray scattering techniques to probe dynamics in a variety of condensed matter systems, ranging from electronic and magnetic phases (charge-, spin-, orbital ordered systems, magnetic thin films and nanostructures, metal-insulator transitions and new high-temperature superconducting materials) to soft matter including fluids, thin films, colloids, nanoparticles, polymers and glasses as well as behavior of materials in nanoscale confinement. In addition to synchrotron generated x-ray scattering, spectroscopy and microscopy techniques their group also uses neutron scattering facilities, as well as in-house laser scattering setup and local scanning probes.